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The Odessa File: People of Schuyler County The Odessa File: People of Schuyler County
The latest breaking news on Odessa NY and Schuyler County, including sports, business, government, and people, with calendar of events and classified ads.

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It had to do with the environmental concerns in an area that depends on tourism -- an economic driver that could go horribly awry with a single ecological catastrophe. That experience led, more or less directly -- gave the impetus -- to this website. I tried to connect with someone at that paper in order to complain, but they seemed to be ducking me avoided me at every turn.

This is a girl ive played basketball with my whole life. Molly said in a phone interview this week. I was known early on to get my dander up over this or that incident -- but managed for the most part not to directly engage my readers.

The other folks from my parents generation have passed away, as well, with the exception of mrs. However, by swimming in the 200 medley relay, she was in essence in a fifth event (again, the prelims and finals being considered a single unit), something verboten and, under the swim rules followed assiduously by officials, an act mandating rogers disqualification from the entire meet. When my dad secured a new job with the united states shoe corporation as its michigan wholesale salesman in 1952, the bablers -- annual visitors to bois blanc -- urged the haeffners to vacation here.

A tv station showed up and captured the event, though, so i didnt feel too guilty. The paper was celebrating its 150th birthday, and i was told by the publisher to write an account -- warts and all -- about a day in the life of the newspaper. That is something it is inching toward, with the grand improvements at the state park, with the appoaching addition of a new water treatment plant, with elimination of the old plant on the waterfront, and with all of the dominoes of advancement that other moves -- part of the project seneca vision -- entail.

I was not to alter his columns at all. Then its onward for another nine to 10 months of news, leading to yet another graduating class -- and to another top drawer 24 team of outstanding student athletes from a dozen area high schools, a program sponsored since its origin by this website. It used to be -- as devised by former athletic director craig cheplick, who knew how to utilize the field house, drawing crowds and, with them, funds -- that the wilson memorial tournament would run two days and the watkins boys holiday tournament for two days, both between christmas and new years.

I dont know if youve ever studied a legal ruling, but at first glance it reads like so much mumbo-jumbo. No, im not crazy about the president with all his excesses. I dont know if wilbur got the opportunity to give the medal up, and im not sure if rogers would want it. I would like to see a district court system. We lost the former ferry skipper, ray plaunt, in february at the age of 95.

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Odessay Chipper

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Odessay Chipper Ive been feeling a little nostalgic lately, maybe because i too often publish obituaries of people younger than me. It has always been important to create a special feel to capture those special moments when the honorees are called forward one by one at the ceremony to receive the applause -- the encouragement -- of the assembled crowd. I visited the birmingham, michigan public library with my mom before i had learned enough to read any of its inventory, Missing, i notice. Joining the hall are judy phillips, georgie taylor, kate lamoreaux and brian odonnell. Ive heard whispers coming from that closed society. Once he had kathy up there, he was asking if it was okay with her boyfriend that he had selected her, and she just smiled her bright smile, giggled and said it was okay. But he wants to see teachers committed to their work.
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    I suppose, when compared to what united airlines might be facing) or, again, the whole court case, though, will take a long time to reach fruition. Later, back in the hotel -- a fairly snug, two-room facility that we three had rented for that single night -- coach decided that he wanted to take a walk. In those moments when i feel my resolve wavering, i will sometimes look for inspiration -- something that shows me that difficult situations can be overcome, that solutions can be found, that a deep breath and some nerve can see me through. I spotted them on their back deck, and called out are there any plaunts around here? Char is about my age, and jim a little older. God willing, at my post covering sports and other schuyler goings-on.

    Ive got social security, assuming that doesnt get carved up by a chaotic washington. He was 62 or 63 at the time. Turn the crank and he spews venom. It was, like life, a mix of celebration and sober reflection. This is my 23rd straight summer on bois blanc, a roughly five-by-ten-mile mass in michigans straits of mackinac, where lakes huron and michigan meet.

    But it doesnt make it any easier to digest. Athlete of the year awards are presented at 520. At last word, his resignation had yet to be acted upon by the watkins glen school board. She took up triathlon training and competitions, too -- and to her credit helped save mikes life by alerting her brother, a physician, about a condition mike had, called to his attention by an ophthalmologist who noticed too much copper color within mikes eyes and cautioned that he should get it checked. The deer who came to eat at the plaunt homestead gathering and char plaunt mclaren, hostess at the gathering and daughter of the late ray plaunt, longtime ferry boat skipper. I wont be much good to anyone if i push too hard and collapse -- which is basically what i did on that back deck collapse. I wasnt aware of his declining health at 71, and so found news of his death to be a shock. Okay, but while were waiting, heres a cautionary tale involving a sitting superintendent seeking another position, and how the investigatory stage of a search is so important. Wendy is the local school teacher, who this year will have two students when classes start in the one-room island schoolhouse on sept. Turns out he cant control the weather.

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    I would be remiss if i didnt revisit the recent watkins glen school board session. Jons two friends who were visiting our home -- two young ladies -- came over to the computer to see the baby, and one asked if the name was , and ali said theyd thought about that, and considered both, though the former seemed to be holding sway. And hes cuddling more, as if to stay warm. I only visited the island once as a youth after that -- in 1962, an experience that three decades later led me to write a novel called island nights. And she had been an amazing, clutch performer on the schools volleyball team, which won the iac large schools title in the fall.

    That was my wife susans idea. We are in the home stretch in the selection of our 11th annual top drawer 24 team of outstanding student-athlete-citizens Buy now Odessay Chipper

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    Before i reached my driveway -- nearly opposite it -- i spotted two parallel tracks leading into the woods on the north side of the road. I had visited the island as a child for several summers, and then not at all (save for one half-day visit) for 17 years -- and then not again for another 16 years. They might have been the lone black couple on the island back then. And there is always the wild card with the largest impact health. That is the operative word here stunning.

    But what none of that mentions is her passion for storytelling. One winter break, before my parents bought a cabin in the woods west of gaylord, my brother and i, along with various friends, traveled north from our detroit-area homes to partake of some of those slopes -- at the boyne mountain resort, as i recall Odessay Chipper Buy now

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    I have marked my years in fours, measured by the arrival of each election of a president of the united states. I even heard recently from one athletes grandmother who noticed i didnt have sports updated one night by midnight -- which is really pushing it. She continues to keep her feet wet as a certified new york state swim official. She was also the north eastern athletic conference student-athlete of the week for the same period. I told him he should check with his financial advisor (i believe it was his brother) before making such a radical choice.

    And it would not be excessive to say that gerlach hit a home run with his speech -- a presentation whose easygoing style belied a tough message now that youve reached this pinnacle, honorees, the hard work of leading our country awaits you Buy Odessay Chipper at a discount

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    And mere weeks later, they did. About 70 people turned out for the evening, raising nearly 1,400 for the churchs outreach program. Now children dont experience enough to gain assumed common knowledge. It was over 100 yesterday and today. Char was also feeding the deer crackers that had been put out for the human visitors who had failed to attend each time she held one out and tossed it to the deer, the critter came close enough so you could almost pet it.

    My son jon will oversee the odessa homestead in my absence. It took a while to attract an audience. In truth, i didnt know much about hogan when i went (on at least two days, i think, and maybe more) to watch the golfers compete at the carling world open Buy Online Odessay Chipper

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    I like to think she has taken notice and celebrated amid whatever heavenly schedule she is now following. Leaving the bench as i would -- dodging the whole mess brought into court by a group such as the protesters -- would seem to me to be. As my parents explained it, we had no need to go to the island any more because we had a body of water of our own -- albeit a tiny fraction of what lake huron (the body of water surrounding bois blanc) is. She learned about the team several years ago, when she was working for the chiefs, when they hosted the amputee squad. There was some grumbling about the site -- one woman said the school, a larger venue, had been offered and refused a man questioned why the fire bays werent emptied of trucks and used to house the crowd, as fire halls have been for town hall meetings elsewhere Buy Odessay Chipper Online at a discount

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    And time is robbing it of that quality. One winter break, before my parents bought a cabin in the woods west of gaylord, my brother and i, along with various friends, traveled north from our detroit-area homes to partake of some of those slopes -- at the boyne mountain resort, as i recall. Hes been coming here since 1948, along with his wife. He had been working in that community as a sports reporter for the in elmira, and i was an editor there. Now on to something with wider repercussions politics.

    Students dont pick up unstructured knowledge from everyday life like they did in the past. Whereas we started with just two schools -- watkins glen and odessa-montour -- we have 10 now those two plus elmira, elmira heights, elmira notre dame, horseheads, trumansburg, spencer-van etten, twin tiers christian academy and south seneca Odessay Chipper For Sale

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    It is a good-luck exchange stemming from a line in the harrison ford movie witness. About 70 people turned out for the evening, raising nearly 1,400 for the churchs outreach program. Poker chips, the whites dad thought, were too close to the real thing. He took aim and fired, hitting a can i followed suit, but missed mine. If you are like some districts, you hold a public gathering so that the finalists can answer questions from an audience of residents the final selectee will be serving -- or should be serving.

    Before long my brother and i, along with our skiing buddies, were using that as an occasional base of operations. Russian meddling -- i feel it is at least i hold in my hand a copy of the novel treasure island, by robert louis stevenson For Sale Odessay Chipper

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    Im astounded that, in suggesting women for the schuyler county hall of fame, i overlooked georgie taylor, head of the schuyler county spca. We partner with 10 schools -- up from the original two -- to honor students who are among the best and brightest that our area has to offer. The longer we live, the higher the body count mounts. I thought, and still think, that judge berry is a sympathetic figure here -- not the image of the biased barrister that the protesters have promoted. In my young adult days, at a newspaper in watertown, i was covering county government and was befriended by a member of the board of supervisors who fed me information under the misguided belief that i would print whatever he wanted Sale Odessay Chipper



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